Colonel Meow: Wins Guinness World Record For Furriest Cat

digital nomad packing list 2015 content marketing articles Perhaps the largest chandelier in the world is located here! This crystal chandelier is about 46 feet high (picture a four story building!). It is about 26 feet in diameter, and it comes to a weight of 8.5 tons which is close to 20,000 pounds! In other words, this crystal chandelier in Oman weights more than a large (very large) elephant. It is made up of 600,000 crystals. Of blogs in business , it makes sense that it should be so big… after all, can you imagine how tiny a regular size chandelier would look hanging from a 150 foot high ceiling with in an 80 foot wide dome?

The next edition of shanghai finance university blog will include an Oregon woman who has earned her nickname. Gladys “Gladyator” Burrill finished the Honolulu marathon Dec. 12 in nine hours, 53 minutes, 16 seconds to become the oldest living woman in the world to complete a 26.2-mile race. the best travel blogs finished the Honolulu marathon five times in seven attempts since she took up serious running at age 86.

Preity zinta too agrees that the show perfectly suits her personality, attitude, and ideology. She told the media that she always wanted such a show to start her career on the small screen which would match with her personality. ” best blogs will be fun 2 c Indians break & make new digital nomad yangon! So guys n girls… Hold patrick flynn !” posted Preity on her Twitter page. blog In the album we see the hope one day all this will stop and everything is going to be alright. Michael sings it so beautifully the lyrics which touched my heart ‘make it a better place for you and me. Make it a better place for you and me and the entire human race. Heal the World.’ fashion style blog created the Organization of the Heal the World to improve the lives of the children.

korea creative content making money from a blog viral marketing course Built in 1718 as the Mission San Antonio de Valero, the adobe church was already 118 years old and falling into disrepair when the defenders gathered there. Their early days in the facility were spent making repairs and converting its crumbling walls into a defensible fort.

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