Dont Be An April Fool And Play Some Practical Tricks

After dialing your husband or wife’s phone number, place the phone close to a computer speaker as well as your ear. You won’t want to miss a thing! Begin by clicking on an opening phrase such as “hello.” cheap travel blog is where the fun and frustration starts!

cool travel are always fun, but phone pranks have come a long way since the days of calling up an unsuspecting person to ask if their refrigerator is running. travel tips blog and phony phone calls have met the age of technology. Now people can play April Fools Day phone pranks that will leave their victims in an uproar and never able to fully figure out if the call was a prank from someone they know, or just a call from a nutcase who happened to dial the wrong number.

Book signings don’t sell that many books: the locals who attend them don’t come to shop, but for free entertainment. And any touring you do will be on your own dime – publishers rarely pay expenses. You can sell more books in front of your computer, creating online demand through your own or your friends’ blogs, article dashboards, viral news, and social networking on venues like Twitter and Facebook.

how to make money from a blog income from blog Our history as a people is sometimes nothing more than “theory”. Cultures throughout the world seem to have a celebration on or close to April 1st. Some theorize this is to celebrate the coming of Spring, although this would only hold true for those not in the Southern Hemisphere as Spring for them begins in September. My mother is a gardener, and all though my plants want to start an organization for abused plants everywhere, I do know the beginning of planting season is May. At one time in history, if you planted prior to May you were called an “April Fool”.

blogs that make money make money with blog If you’re in the stock market, get out. Especially, get out of dollars. The American Dollar has begun its final slide to oblivion. Its value, sometime this year, should be close to zero. You might want to stock up on Chinese Renminbis, especially if you plan continued Wal-Mart purchases. And a nice stack of Euros would certainly help. Even now, countries all over the world are demanding payment in just about anything except the American dollar.

top blogs to read – This site has all the popular gag gifts that you could think of. This site has everything from farting fingers, and disappearing ink. The main thing this site focuses on are things that shock you. The have the usual shocking lighter, but the also have less heard of items. The have things perfect for office gags, such as the shocking stapler and the shocking computer mouse. This is also a discount site, so you will find good deals on all your list blog gags.

interesting blog to read that sell lottery tickets also sell fake scratch-off tickets. These fake scratch-off tickets look very realistic. When the April Fools Day victim scratches off the ticket coating, they are led to believe they’ve won a large sum of money. It looks like they’ve really won – until they read the back of the ticket. You’d better have on your jogging shoes, because when your friend finds out it’s an travel titles for blogs, you will need to run!

best fashion bloggers in the world recommended blog sites I wrote this last April, however my daughter called me today and started talking to me today about her favorite college football team and she has begun to count down the days to the first game. So, I just had to share this today.

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